But we're lost in emotion.
Fiona Coyne:

Possibly the fanciest person you will ever meet.
Clare is my best friend ;)
Declan is my handsome twin brother. ♥

Time for another day of shopping.


Fiona had been in the living room, alone, for about thirty minutes. The girl had her laptop on her lap, and a bag of popcorn to her right side. Occasionally, she would look up from the screen and watch her roommates go by. No one ever questioned her on why she was sitting alone. She was completely fine with that. Fiona let out a deep breath and looked at the ceiling. She was starting to become lonely. Knowing that would be a problem, she was was pleased when Eli offered his company. Fiona’s relationship with Eli was, well, complicated. There were the times where she really found him sweet and caring. But, then there were times where she just wanted to ship him to a deserted island. Fiona let out a small sigh, turning back to her laptop. Ten minutes seemed like forever, for some reason. All Fiona had to do now was wait for Eli to stop taking his sweet time and come downstairs.